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Our Tick remover is a chemical free dog tick removal tool is simply the best way of removing ticks from dogs (and other animals and humans too) completely and safely without leaving the mouthparts of the tick planted in the skin. No use of chemicals. Quick and painless tick removal without squeezing the tick, thus reducing the risk of infection and spread of diseases. This unique and ingenious tick removal tool prevents the increased risk of infection.

Tick Twister Animal Dog Tick Removal ToolIt uses a ‘slit and rotation’ technique to extract the tick in less than five seconds with no compression of the tick’s body or risk of leaving it’s mouthparts still attached, both of which may lead to the transfer of disease such as Babesia and Lyme disease.

Sold in packs of two, each a different size, capable of removing a tick as small as one tenth of a millimetre. This tick hook can be used in hard-to-get-at places and on sensitive areas.

Tick Twister takes the tick away quickly and painlessly. It does not squeeze the tick, thus reducing the risk of infection. Designed by a veterinarian.

Two sizes are supplied in each pack – ultra thin for small ticks and a larger tool for large ticks. The hooks are made from recyclable injected plastic. They are hardwearing, indefinitely reusable and virtually unbreakable. They can be disinfected with usual disinfectants, or even put in the dishwasher. Colours vary.

tick removal with a Tick Twister tool


The Tick Twister works with the two following principles:
1) The tick is gripped without compressing the tick’s body.
2) The tick is extracted by rotation and a slight upward motion, not by pulling.

If the tick is grabbed with tweezers or similar unsuitable instruments, you may exert pressure on the tick’s body. However, when the tick is grasped with the Tick Twister there is no pressure on the tick’s body, thus, reducing the risk of the injection. With Tick Twister you do not pull on the tick. Instead you rotate the tick and use a slight upward motion until the tick detaches after 2-3 rotations.

This is a safe, chemical free way of removing ticks from dogs. More and more studies have proved that if you use chemical products to kill the tick, it is an attack for the tick and it reacts by a saliva back flow, which increases inflammatory phenomena


  1. Jonathan Forrester

    Nifty gadget. Works well, great that it comes in 2 sizes.

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