Ear Mite Blaster 30ML Bottle

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Is your dogs ears driving them mad with itching? Ear Mite Blaster is a Tried and Tested Formula to to help soothe itchy ears.


Our natural Ear Mite Blaster has been produced from 100% natural ingredients which make it a great Product. This is why we have fantastic results.

The Ear Mite Blaster Contains Almond oil & Aloe Vera plus many other natural cleaning ingredients.

Naturally breaks down and softens any wax build up and removes dirt from the ears.

Soothes itchy, irritable ears.

Naturally Anti septic

Naturally Anti Bacterial

Naturally Anti fungal.

Comes in a plastic bottle with a drip nozzle to make it simple to apply and re-seal the bottle.

Usage Instructions

3-4 drops twice per day to soothe itchy ears and remove wax build up

3-4 drops twice a week to keep the ears clean and free from wax build up.

5 ml sample available here


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50ML, 5ML

4 reviews for Ear Mite Blaster 30ML Bottle

  1. Amy Colt

    Perfect size bottle. Enough for both my dogs and have some left over

  2. Patricia Swaby

    **** Fan-flippin-tastic *****

  3. Alex

    Very happy. Thank you

  4. Andrew Crabtree


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