Ear Mite Blaster 5ML Bottle

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Our Ear Mite Blaster is a Tried and Tested Formula to help soothe itchy ears and remove wax build up.

Cleans and removes wax build up

Soothes irritated ears.

Naturally Anti – fungal.

Anti-bacterial and Anti Septic

Ear mite Blaster contains Almond Oil & Vitamin E Oil plus many other natural cleaning Ingredients.

Naturally breaks down any wax build up.

Comes in a plastic bottle with a drip nozzle to make it simple to apply and re-seal the bottle.

10% off voucher for the 50ML bottle sent out with all samples.


Also Available in a 50ML Bottle here.



3 reviews for Ear Mite Blaster 5ML Bottle

  1. Charlotte Usher

    Was great to be able to test the product before committing to a full sized bottle, even though we ended up buying a big bottle after 5****

  2. Steve Drake

    Great size to test the product out, purchased a few for family and friends and they’ve all bought the bigger bottles now.


    Smashing product.

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